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Blindfold Fantasy ~ A Novel Ménage by D.L. Roan
What happens when fantasy becomes reality?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Excerpt!! Blindfold Fantasy coming June 2014

Enjoy this excerpt from my upcoming release Blindfold Fantasy.

(unedited and subject to change)

Blake’s hand covered Jayne's mouth, cutting off her response. The move sent a sliver of alarm skittering up her spine. With a tilt of her chin he forced her to look at him. 

“I am only going to say this once so I want to be perfectly clear. Do you understand?”  When she shook her head, he removed his hand and rocked his forehead against hers. “I am not, nor will I ever be, interested in Mallory Silverland. She only kissed me because of  my reaction to you when you walked around that corner.” 

"Your reaction?" His eyes squeezed shut. She sucked in a nervous breath as he slowly pulled open her robe, his large hands framing her sides. 

“It’s like a punch to my gut every damn time I see you and she didn’t like it.” He lifted his head again, his eyes pleading with her before his words could. “I told you. Mallory is the spawn of Satan and she will do anything to fuck up my life. Please don’t let her fuck this up, too.”

There was more than a little annoyance in his tone. Jayne sensed a genuine abhorrence for Mr. Kirk’s sister. More than that, she realized that he’d come to her apartment in the middle of the night, drunk and in a rain storm to tell her. Did what she thought of him really matter that much? “A punch in the gut?”

He dipped his head and touched his lips to hers. Her breath hitched to a stop. Blake's panted out in short puffs as the tip of his tongue slid out and bumped along her bottom lip, like he was tasting her for the first time. 

“Every damn time.”

Coming in June!!!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

~*~ Cover Reveal ~*~

Blindfold Fantasy

by D.L. Roan

~ Synopsis ~ 

Blindfold Fantasy ~ A Novel Ménage by D.L. Roan

A gigolo? To celebrate landing the job of her dreams, architect Jayne Simon’s best friend hired a golden-tanned, tattooed sex god to fulfill her blindfold fantasy. No! No way! How could she possibly do that with him when just looking at his picture makes her blush?

The last thing CEO of Silverland Industries, Devin Kirk, expects to find when he tracks down his troubled best friend in Vegas is an overbooked gigolo-in-training. What the hell was Blake thinking? Staring at Blake’s new client’s hotel room door, blindfold in hand, Devin is soon asking himself that same question. When he said he’d do whatever it took to get Blake back at the helm of SI, visually impaired sex-for-hire was not in the plan. Neither was having the best night of his life with a woman he would never see.

Blake is not back. The sooner he gets SI’s new project off the ground, the sooner he can return to the land of fast booze and faster women and forget all the reasons he left in the first place. Assuming he survives Devin’s demon-spawned sister, a corporate spy and an unyielding hunger to share his best friend’s mystery girl. 

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~*~ Meet The Author ~*~

Contemporary Erotic Romance Author of super sexy, Alpha-licious novels.
After years of schlepping for the corporate world in an endless rotation of tasteless cube farms and cold coffee, DL Roan decided to give a little attention to the sexy voices inside her head and begin anew. Whether it's menage, action-adventure, passion-filled suspense, sexy cowboys, assassins or angels, DL's novels are sure to keep you on the edge of the page reading long into the night. 

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