Friday, May 16, 2014

DL Roan's International Book Release Blitz Sign-Up!!!

Join DL's International Book Release Today!!

It's Free To Join!!

Be a part of DL Roan's International Book Release Blitz!

I am using a platform called Thunderclap to flood Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler with the Blindfold Fantasy #NewReleasenews on Jun 17th!!! Add your voice to the worldwide shout!!! 

On June 17th the seductive pages of DL's newest romance novel, Blindfold Fantasy, will be released to the world! Add your voice to the worldwide #IndieAuthor shout!

Click a  button above and you will join thousands of DL's fans in posting her release blitz message on Twitter, Tumbler or Facebook on June 17th!! That's it! Thunderclap does the rest!

Be sure to also join DL's Release Day Giveaway which will be hosted on her website at

Blindfold Fantasy ~ A Novel Ménage by D.L. Roan
What happens when fantasy becomes reality?

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