Friday, April 18, 2014

$50 Dolla To Make You Holla

Most of you may have heard some authors grumbling (me included) about the recent changes on Facebook. No? Could it be because Fuckerberg has decided to charge us to reach you on Fuckbook!

That's right! I have over 3100 followers on Facebook and only 21 of you were graced with the pleasure of seeing that hot post.

And we're not talking pennies here. Not even just a few dollars. To reach a majority percentage of followers on our own Facebook page that you've taken the time to like and follow, we're asked to pay $20-$50 bucks. PER POST! That's if they approve the content and they still don't guarantee us you'll be allowed to see it. 

Now, don't get me wrong. Facebook is their own company. They can chose to do this if they want. I don't own a controlling stock in their decisions. I don't even "own" my fan page there. Heck, I would even say you guys have more stock in my page than I do. It's there for you after all. So, is Facebook robbing you or me when they ask me to pay fifty dollars to make you holler?  

I'd rather give you, my fans, that same $50 in a huge, awesome giveaway. Or maybe a bunch of smaller giveaways. 

So I'm breaking up with Facebook! I'd rather see you get something awesome besides a recycled Facebook post to like. And in order to do that I've had to find a way to reach you again!

Let me tell you about Google+!

It's Awesome!!!!

It really is! I'll admit I was intimidated at first. No one likes change, especially me. But I had to do something! And that BS about 'No one being on g+'? Just that! BS! I've gotten more responses and more visibility on g+ over the last few days then I would have ever gotten from Facebook even if I had paid to play. The groups (communities) are awesome and the exposure has been AMAZING! 

Oh, I'll still be logging on and will probably post a few things here or there on my personal page and author groups, as well as my street teams. Who could ever truly purge themselves of Facebook after all? I will, however be spending a lot more time and posting my latest update and book news over on g+. If you have a Gmail address you have a g+ page! If you don't, get one! Please *quiet begging voice*

So, here's where I give you my Facebook money! Yep, that's right. I meant what I said. I'd rather give you $10.00 than pay to play. All you have to to is..........................wait for it.....................................................................................................

:) Add Me To Your g+ Circles :)

Yep, that's right. Just add me to your g+ circles and post the link to your g+ page or email in the Rafflecopter Widget. That's it. Someone will win $10 for a click or two. If you've already circled me, great! Just add your g+ link or email to the Rafflecopter to enter!

I'll be running several of these over the next few weeks so be sure to follow my g+ announcements and sign up for update alerts (^^^up top of this page^^^) I can't wait to see you all on g+! I'll be releasing my next menage soon! Cover is done! Blurb is done! Be the first to see them!

g+ Tutorial

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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