Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm nestled deep in my writer's cave, wrapped up tight in my wool blanket. Haha! Who am I kidding?!?! I live in Florida. I don't even own a wool blanket! Don't hate me. Last I checked, the border is still WIDE open. So come on down! The water is nice. So is the view!

Best Erotica of 2013!

What a way to end my first year as an author! A HUGE shout-out to Momma's Secret Book Obsession and to everyone who voted for Second Chances and those three sexy cowboys in their FanFrigginTabulous Best Of 2013 Awards! I am completely humbled and blown away! Big sloppy kiss to you all from Matt, Mason and fan favorite, the sexy as hell Grey McLendon!

I'm beginning the new year as I hope to end it; writing! Refreshed from my October release of Second Nature, I'm nearly halfway done with Blindfold Fantasy and let me tell you! OMG, this story is turning out to be one hell of a hot story! Send me an ice storm! Who needs a wool blanket when you have CEO Devin Kirk and his business partner, Blake Travers, to burn you up? Turns out these two have quite the naughty past. Want to know their secret? He-he-he.

Yes I did just skip right over to the next subject. Mmmmwah! You love me. You know I'll get ya there, nice and slow. All you have to do is follow me down the rabbit hole. ;) Don't worry. I'm working on cover design ideas and teasers now. You won't have to wait too long for the next tease. Hmmm, I'm thinking an excerpt, maybe?

Starting out the new year, I want to encourage you to love your bloggers. They worked double-time to bring you some amazing giveaways and end 2013 with a blast. They deserve a little pampering and extra love. I'd especially like to say thanks to +HEA Book Shelf , Obsession Is A Book+A Dirty Book Affair, +Kota Reads , Crazy, Chaotic Book BabesVictoria's Gossip+Natalie Jennifer Love Between the Sheets , Girly Girl, Evanlea's and +Breezy Kirkpatrick. These bloggers made my first Christmas as an author a complete blast and have pimped me out beyond reason! If you need an amazing blog to follow you can take your pick of any or all of the above. They know their books!

Well my friends, back to my cave. I have to get Devin and Blake together with their girl before they cum in their shorts. I sort of left them in an awkward position #sorrynotsorry! Writer's revenge for being difficult! Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Be sure to get updates on my next post by signing up below for an email! 

Happy reading in 2014!  XoXoXo


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